Long Island's Featured Hybrid Bikes
Having trouble with your transportation but don't want to register for a new vehicle? Make your daily commuting easier with our best bikes on the market.
Bintelli Fusion e-bike combines the ease of owning an electric bicycle with the best features of a scooter. It's complete with headlights, tall lights, brake lights, turn signal, horn, a comfortable seat, and more. So enjoy your e-bike without the hassle of getting registration, license, or insurance!
This high-quality hybrid e-bike can give you a smooth ride on or off-road, with its long-lasting battery life and protection features. It is also safe to use as a commuter bike, with a speed that goes up to 25mph.
From the latest Bintelli electric bicycles to test rides and bike servicing, E Bikes of Long Island has your Bintelli e-bike needs covered.
As an authorized Bintelli Dealer, we take pride in bringing the best e-bikes right to you: Right products, right price.
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Our Electric Bikes
E Bikes of Long Island only chooses the best e-bikes for sale. We focus on the value and quality of bikes on the market. We are also a part of a continuously growing dealer network selling wholesale electric bicycles.
Our electric scooters have upgraded parts such as versatile and durable tires for farther travels, lithium-ion batteries for longer battery life, seat post suspension, headlights, taillights, and many more.
Each of our city bikes were chosen for their safety, quality, and convenience, packed in a reasonable price with our customers' satisfaction in mind.